Monday, July 11, 2011

Discuss amongst yourselves

An interesting discussion of the King Paul mythos was kicked up by Linda Davis, when she mentioned her interpretation. Initially, I didn’t mention it because I don’t want to flavor anyone’s choices in how they approach the source material. However, it brought to mind some possibilities that I wish to present:

Please, under no circumstances, feel confined to the story of Paul himself. Remember that there are other characters that can be explored. Imagine looking at the scenarios from Carin’s point of view. Is she a put upon, but doting housewife? A total bitch? I’ve always pictured her as the embodiment of feminine power as much as Paul is the embodiment of masculinity, but that's just me.
How about Emily? Is she a twit, or the pre-eminent seductress, secure in her sexuality and finding her strength there?
Is Missy merely a masochist who adores the pain?
Does Jr. really want to be the supreme fascist dictator of the world?
 Hell, there's the new addition of The Pussy to consider now. 

Remember that YOU are the writer. All of this is in your hands and the further you go with it, the less like my expectations, the more we will like it.

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  1. Also, please note that the submission deadline has been pushed back to September 30th to allow a little more breathing room for the writers and myself.